Class One Advanced Professional Driver Training Program

This four week Class One Driver Program with Mountain Training is for the student that wants more than to just have a Class One license. This is a career building program.

Air Brake theory class and the ICBC administered exam “Rules of the Road” theory classes One-to-One driver training Mountain driving In building the students skill and confidence in their new chosen career, some of the basic procedures covered are:

  • city driving
  • over all shifting
  • log books
  • use of tire chains
  • border crossing and documentation
  • load weights
  • load and securing techniques
  • challenging loading docks
We train with a standard style transmission.

Instructors will be working on over-all shifting, observation and general town driving skills with each lesson. The student’s skill will quickly become second nature as the pace of training increases to loading docks, backing skills and government weigh scales.

104 Total hours of training for $9,750.00

For further questions please contact us. Once the Road Test is successfully completed there will be a number of eight hour highway trips with more challenging terrain and weather conditions, hills and miles of world famous BC twisting highways.

  • 16 Hours Air Brake Training
  • 20 Hours Classroom Theory
  • 68 Hours Class One Driver

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